Saturday, May 12, 2007

More Affiliate Income With 6 Simple Steps

Have you tried your hand at affiliate marketing, only to be disappointed by the income for your efforts? If so, you may be overlooking simple facts that seem to go unnoticed by many would-be affiliate tycoons.

In helping many affiliates and internet marketers over the years analyze their success, here are some of the common failure reasons we have spotted:

1) Selling ONLY Low Ticket Items

2) Not Separating Themselves From The Crowd of Affiliates Offering the Same or Similar Products

3) No Follow-Up Offers or Recurring Income

4) Not Capturing Leads & Building a List

5) No Personality In Marketing

6) Using ONLY Fr-ee Ad Sources

Let's briefly look at these one by one. First off, Selling ONLY Low ticket items. This one is on the top of the list for a good reason. It is MOST important. You have to realize that normally it will take you just as much time, energy, and effort to promote a low cost product (say a $97 ebook or software product) as it will a higher ticket item (in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars). What that means is that by adding at least one higher priced product, you could earn MUCH more income with about the same amount of time and money invested in your marketing.

You might use a lower ticket item to build your list, and then follow up with the higher priced product. OR, you might lead with the higher priced product. Either way, you NEED to earn more income, and this is the one simple strategy that could make that happen.

To see how powerful this is, let's take an affiliate marketer who is selling a product they earn $59.95 on. Let's say they are doing well with their marketing, building a list and averaging about 3 sales per week. That comes to about $179.85 per week or just over $9352 per year. Now this same affiliate reads this article and finds a product he likes that pays $1250 per sale. At the higher price let's say his sales drop to just 1 a week. That is still over $60,000 a year! His marketing costs are still about the same, his list is still growing, but he can now turn his hobby into a business he could live on.

Now the second strategy, not separating himself (he may have also done that by incorporating the first step). One simple way to do this is to buy a domain name, and point your traffic to it. If the company provides it's affiliates with a lead capture or landing page, this may be all you would have to do. Just redirect your domain name to your affiliate site. It is an inexpensive way to make the product look like your own, or at least look better to your prospects. Instead of the looooooooooong affiliate URL, you can now just use

If the company whose product you are promoting does not offer a website, you may need to set one up. You definitely will if you are going to put to use strategies 2 through 5. You will need a follow-up autoreponder to capture leads and build a list. Then you can follow up with additional products and services to your list. These can be other affiliate products you like, or products that you own (or own resale rights to).

Also, put some personality into your marketing. To do this tell folks about yourself. Your story. Do this in your follow up, and/or in your newsletter. Once people know something about you, they will feel more comfortable doing business with you. If it is an affiliate product you are offering, give them a reason to do biz with you instead of other affiliates offering the same product. This might be a report, or a video of how to use the product, or just some tips you can offer them on how to use the product more successfully.

Basically you need to answer the question - Why Should I Do Business With You? Give this some thought and come up with a legitimate answer. The first step to doing this is to offer ONLY products that you personally use yourself. Then you will have some real ideas and answers.

Strategy number 6. This is a simple one, but many affiliates have not learned it yet. While some no cost advertising methods do work, you are going to have to either use time or money to let the world know you exist. Most of us don't bother reading the online fr-#ee Ads. So that should tell you what results to expect by advertising in them (slim to none).

Pay Per Clicks like Google Adwords are what the top affiliate marketers all use (in connection with other marketing strategies like writing and submitting articles). With a higher ticket item, you can afford to spend a little on your ads, which is another great reason to look for the right product.

One final tip, what if the company whose higher ticket product you want to offer does not offer an affiliate plan? ASK? If you can market, most of them will work with you. However, don't forget the benefits of using the product yourself. Nearly anything you can think of has someone doing it online, and you can earn some NICE profits by keeping these simple strategies in mind!

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