Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Personal Experiences Of Learning Affiliate Marketing

Greetings: This is the second in a series of articles I plan on writing describing my personal experiences in an attempt at becoming proficient in the affiliate marketing arena.

Just a brief up date, I had no experience with affiliate marketing and had no idea where to start, I came across Wealthy Affiliate University and decided I would give them a try. In summarizing my experience with them I am pleased with the help the owners have provided as well as many successful marketers who provide guidance in the forum’s.

Every individual has a different learning style, I definitely have my own and because of that I may have taken a different path than recommended but to this point it is one that am comfortable with. I decided that I would like to learn how to set up adword accounts with Google, Yahoo and MSN adcenter. The actual process of opening each account is easy enough, each one has it’s own system, and managing ads from each one is different. I found that telephone support from Yahoo and MSN to be quite helpful.

After setting up the accounts I then wrote ads promoting Wealthy Affiliate. All of this to get a feeling of how the system works. I did watch the accounts very carefully to avoid excess advertising expense. I found that it does take some time to monitor all accounts, it is not quite the automatic pilot that many would like you to believe.

Next came the need for a web site. I took the advise of several members in Wealthy Affiliate and selected 1 and 1.com for domain registration and web hosting. I selected the business package which provides 3 domain names, up to 200 subdomains, 250 GB web space, 2,500 GB monthly transfer, 2,500 e-mail accounts, $200 in advertising vouchers and a host of other features included. More than enough power for the beginning affiliate marketer. The price when I enrolled was $9.99 per month, I believe you can get a 25% discount on that price today.

Now that I had web space I needed a program for web page development. The 1 and 1.com package contains site building tools, but once again I took the advise of fellow wealthy affiliate members to use Nvu.com, an open source community product that is free. After downloading the program and spending some time working with it, I found that even with my limited knowledge of HTML, it quite easy to develop simple web pages.

Another open source product that I use in web page design is found at OSWD.org, this is a site where I can select from thousands of web page templates to download and modify to suit my needs.

Two members of wealthy affiliate have developed a web design ebook based on the use of Nvu.com and oswd.org. The ebook is free and if you will contact me I can supply you with a copy.

I have web space, I can download web page templates and modify them now I need a FTP program to transfer my completed web pages from my computer to the hosting server. There are a large number of FTP programs available most are free for a trial period.

I am a Mac computer user so I needed to find a reliable program compatible with my OSx. Fetchftp.com to the rescue. After the trial period the purchase price is $25. The actual publishing of my web page is easy as long as I remember to keep all files associated with the web page in the same folder and name the file for the page index.html.

At this time the expense of learning the affiliate marketing business is greater than income. Is the process taking longer than I hoped? Yes! Do I believe that I am making progress? Yes! The next steps research, marketing and quality article writing. Do I believe success will come? Yes!

Larry Enos is a 60+ year young retired guy trying to learn the affiliate marketing business. The products that I recommend in this article will help anyone with a limited background in affiliate marketing. Please email to 2lrenos@msn.com with comments.

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