Friday, May 18, 2007

Successful Affiliate Marketing - Or Why You Shouldn't Buy Another e-book

Stop! Don't do it! Don't buy that affiliate marketing e-book.

Why not?

Because you will become more successful at affiliate marketing without it. And I am going to explain how.

Whenever you purchase an e-book, you get that feeling. Don't you? Admit it... You get that "this is going to solve all my money problems" feeling, right? This is bad news, and here's why.

The more you believe you can rely on a single product to turn you into a successful affiliate, the further away from your goal you get. Look at it this way-- If I said that you could buy a million dollar business for ninety-nine bucks you would instantly stop trying to achieve it for yourself, wouldn't you?

If you haven't figured out by now that you can't buy success, real success, then consider yourself informed.

Now, onto bigger and better things.

Rather than drooling over the "next big thing" e-book that launches, consider using my six point plan for affiliate success. The method is called PIC MEE.

Plan-Innovate-Copy Monitor-Eliminate-Extend


Contrary to what the gurus would have you believe, no business works without planning.

Before you start your business, before you start running Adwords campaigns, before you do anything-- make a plan. Make a plan about what you will promote, how you will promote it and what your stop-loss factor will be.

Fail to plan, plan to fail-- you know the drill.


You have read enough e-books, emails and forums. Now you need to take what you know and expand.

Don't follow the crowd and you have a much higher chance of success. Think about this-- if 100,000 people across the globe are doing the same thing with their campaigns, there are bound to be more losers than winners.


Hang around in forums, ask questions and pay special attention to what the successful guys are doing.

Start to make a plan of what seems to be working for others and then add your own twist.


Monitoring is an extremely important step. Unless you can monitor your business and your campaigns effectively you will go nowhere fast.

Start to keep track of things as you do them and monitor them regularly. Be prepared to dump a campaign at a moment's notice. A successful business person must be ruthless to survive.

So, you've been ruthless and eliminated anything that has even the slightest hint of failing, now what? Which campaigns are profitable? Even slightly? Start to extend these-- but do it slowly. Resist the temptation to extend every campaign immediately, or the bells of failure will toll for thee!

In case you haven't realized, Monitor-Eliminate-Extend is the rinse and repeat portion of the PIC MEE method. If you can do this effectively over multiple campaigns then you are bound to win the game.

Successful affiliate marketing is something that everyone can grasp, but the answer does not lie in any single e-book-- the answer lies with you.

Use the PIC MEE method and watch the upward trend in your results.

David started becoming successful when he stopped listening to the "gurus".

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