Friday, June 08, 2007

10 Keys for Affiliate Marketing or E-book Business Success

A few years ago a secret emerged from a very successful internet business that would change the way many online approach their business. Spend 90% of your time working on marketing and only 10% of your time working on the technology required to run your business.

Now on first glance this statement might seem harmless but living and breathing this philosophy is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make. Success is a sustained persistent effort working ON PROMOTION and not the technology required to run your online enterprise.

As a business coach, I can say the biggest killer to online success is not treating your business like a business. I mean who would expect success if you jump around from opportunity to opportunity without a plan of attack?

The biggest weakness that halts success in its tracks is the jumping on every online opportunity that comes your way and to have no written system, plan or goals to move forward to a logical conclusion. The key therefore is spending your time on one track, one system. A system comprehensive in structure but easy to understand and implement. The key to success is to keep persisting with a system that has documented proof via others that have gone before you. In other applications the process of reverse engineering an already successful enterprise is a very smart way of gaining success.

After working with 146 small business owners with virtually all with an online presence, here are the ten critical components of internet success.
2.Automated URL
3.Site Builder
4.Email and auto-responder
5.Headline Generator to assist in the copy required for sales pages.
6.Ad tracking so informed decisions are made on what is working and what is not.
7.Web page audio
9.Configuration manager.
10.Dashboard to enable easy to follow implementation.

Until recently it was uncommon to discover an affordable way to have access to all of these essential tools. Usually you would have to buy all of the individual software components and this could easily total several hundred dollars.

I've been using Simple Money Machines to create my own affiliate web sites - promoting other people's products and collecting a hefty commission with every sale I make.

I'm not the most technical person in the world, but with Simple Money Machines, I can create a complete web site from scratch in just minutes. It has all the technology I need and it takes care of all the hard stuff for me.

In summary this Simple Money Machines system works for new people or those who know a bit about internet marketing but just want something that:

a)Includes hosting, website, auto-responder, list building, audio and the ability to have 3- 10 websites running on one platform and for one fee.
b)Includes easy understanding but very detailed step by step instruction.
c)Has the ability to promote your own downloadable product or an affiliate product.
d)Comprehensive guidance on getting traffic to your sites.

Brian Jack way is an offline and online business coach with a superb knack of uncovering proven usable systems for others to successfully replicate. When he discovers a fantastic product like Simple Money Machines, he loves to share it with the world!

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