Tuesday, June 05, 2007

$10,000 Monthly From a Simple List

Ask any Top Affiliate Marketer and they will tell you it‘s in the list. In order to truly reach success in affiliate marketing you must build a quality list of prospects/customers that have requested information from you. This could be a weekly newsletter, report or e-book that you provide as a free service in exchange for their email.

Over time you will began to build a list of people that have requested additional information to your weekly newsletter, free course, e-book, etc. If you have a well written website and offer something of value your list can grow rather quickly.

Image building a list of 10,000 customers that read your weekly newsletter. Over time your customers develop a trust in your opinion due to providing valuable content and providing free tools to use to help improve their business. Now you have 10,000 customers that value your opinion. Very powerful…here is why.

You send an email notifying your list of 10,000 about a new product that has produced excellent results for you and for a limited time, you are offering at a reduced price of $29.95 before posting on your website. If only 1% purchase you just made $2,995.00 by spending 10 minutes sending out one simple email.

Now image doing that every week…over $10,000 every month!!!

So you may be asking how do I develop a list?

To build a great list of customers one must have their own website and unique domain name. This not only gives you the freedom to customize your own site but allows you to have a “Catch Page” as your home page. A catch page is a page that provides a catchy headline and content that sparks interest in your prospects getting them to give you their name and email address to receive additional information or a service such as a newsletter.

People are searching online for information. If they run across your website but may not have time to read page after page of information they are more likely to provide you with their email so you can send information to them to review at a later date. This works very well and takes place everyday.

Majority of people that get into affiliate marketing simply fail because they believe marketing the ads and websites provided by their affiliate company they will become rich. The problem with this is 80% of them are promoting the same ads and websites so the market becomes saturated with the same information. To truly succeed in affiliate marketing, you must have your own website to capture your prospects email and promote your services. Do that and over time you will reach your goals. The key points to remember are to get your own website/domain name, use a catch page as your home page and build a quality list to promote to.

One piece of advice, if you provide a newsletter please be sure to update and submit consistently. The last thing you want to do loose customers and trust.

Article written by Mike Ingles, publisher of Cracking the Affiliate Marketing Code, a 7 day course strictly about teaching powerful techniques to help online marketers transform their business. Get your FREE copy at: http://www.hotonlinebiz4u.com

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