Thursday, June 28, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Tips - Squidoo Explained

by Simon Akers

There are many ways of generating profits as an affiliate but the latest strategy involves using a website called Squidoo which has been attracting attention recently as it can easily be used to achieve top rankings for competitive keywords in a variety of niche markets.

Unlike many other websites, Squidoo allows you to promote products as an affiliate in a variety of different ways and there is no limit to how many pages you can create. One reason why it has become so popular is because its search engine friendly so if you create keyword rich quality content you will rank on the first page of the search engine results pages even for competitive keywords.

The process involves setting up a free account and using the simple four step process to create your own lens (web page) which will be hosted on their website. The first step is where you choose a title for your lens which should contain the keyword you want to target, the second step is where you decide to pre populate your lens or design it yourself, the third step is where you choose the link for your lens which should be a keyword phrase and you also need to select a category as well as the rating, and the fourth step is where you tag your lens with related keyword phrases.

Before you create your lens you first need to decide which market you want to target and then find a suitable product which you can promote as an affiliate. For best results you also need to find a few long tail keyword phrases that have less competition as it will be far easier and quicker to achieve top rankings (and the traffic will be more responsive).

Then you need to create your lens and you can do this by adding relevant modules. When you are setting up your lens its best to choose the option "I just want to do my own thing" on step two because you will start with a blank template and you can build your lens exactly how you want it by adding the modules that you need.

Here are a few modules that you can add to your lens:

1. Write module. This is the module that you can use to add content to your lens in the form of articles, tutorials, reviews, testimonials, etc... It allows you to use HTML code to hyperlink text or images with your affiliate links in order to promote products and earn commissions from visitors to your lens.

2. Poll module. This is the module that you can use to create an interactive poll which is very useful for finding out what your target market thinks and wants. It allows you to use HTML code to hyperlink text so if you ask visitors what their favourite product is and they click on the text you will earn a commission if they purchase it.

3. Link module. This is the module that you can use to create a list of links and explain in more detail what each website is about and how it will benefit the visitor. If you choose the Plexo option it will allow visitors to vote for which link is the most relevant with the best listed at the top (which effectively shows you the most popular product).

There are many other modules which you can add to your lens such as the Amazon module or Ebay module which you can use to display related products and share the profits with Squidoo, the You Tube module which you can use to insert videos, the RSS module which you can use to put fresh content on your page, the Guest Book module which you can use to allow other members to leave their comments, and many other different modules which you can use.

Every lens that you create will automatically have an introduction as the first module which you can use to welcome visitors to your page and explain in more detail what you have to offer. The next module which you should add is the Poll module so that you can interact with visitors and keep them interested. This should be followed up with a Write module so that you can add an article related to the topic of your lens.

You can then add any other modules which you want on your page and you can decide in which order they should appear such as a video related to your article, followed by more content, then a list of relevant links, and comments from other members at the bottom. You can also place related products from Amazon in between each module to earn more commissions.

Every lens that you create will automatically have Google Adsense ads displayed on it and you will share the profits with Squidoo just like the Amazon module and Ebay module. If you create dozens of lenses in many different niche markets using long tail keyword phrases your earnings will quickly increase.

You can easily create many different lenses by using private label articles and breaking up the content using multiple Write modules. You can then link all of your lenses together in a chain and encourage each reader to visit the next one for more information.

Another great feature on Squidoo is the top 100 rankings page which lists the lenses that generate the most traffic which is extremely useful if you want to see examples and learn how to create a successful lens and how to optimise it for best results.

If you find another lens that is related to yours and its generating a lot of traffic there is a quick way that you can piggy back on their success. All you have to do is find a successful lens that is related to yours which has the Guest Book module. This module allows visitors to leave comments and feedback about the lens and it also allows you to include a link.

A link from a successful lens which is related to yours will not only pass on some of the traffic, it will also pass on some of the page rank to your lens which will boost your rankings in the search engines. This is a quick and easy way to start generating traffic with your lens.

If you use blogs, forums, or article directories you can link to your lens to help generate more traffic and improve your rankings on Squidoo and in the search engines. If you don't currently have a website and you are using your lens as your home page you should send as much traffic as you can to it.

As well as this you can also add a subscription form to your lens using IFRAME code if you want to collect leads and start building your own opt in list. Again, this is extremely useful if you don't have your own website yet and you want to have your own home page on Squidoo for free.

As more people realise the power of Squidoo its becoming increasingly popular especially with internet marketers. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity you need to create a free account and capture as many keyword phrases as you can before they are taken.

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