Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Building Affilate Downline - Read This Before Going Online

Now that I know why I need a downline, how do I get one of these?

Previously I spoke of a downline and the importance of demonstrating leadership to the people in that downline. Now that we have established the importance of the downline let’s talk about building one.

There are many ways to generate interest in any product that you are representing. You can stand in rush our traffic with a sandwich board touting the virtues of your product, you can take out an advertisement in the New York Times, or you can buy a commercial during the Super Bowl. None of these are real solutions to quality advertising. The simplest and most effective method is word of mouth. As in my last article I wrote about a restaurant or auto service station receiving effective advertising from me just because I believed in their products and services. That is the most effective means of getting the word out.

But most of us feel intrusive by talking to family, friends and coworkers about a great company and opportunity. There is always the nagging feeling that if they fail at it or I fail at it what will they say. (by the way, the sooner you get over that feeling the better). Why would you not want to share any opportunity with people you love, respect or socialize with. I have always exposed my family to all the opportunities that I am excited about, how many have started, none. How many have expected large Christmas presents when I am on top, all.

OK so now You have to look at the best places to find people. You are not looking for “anybody” or “everybody”, You are most likely looking for people a lot like ourselves, people that can spot an opportunity and run with it. So where are these people, closer than you think. Placing a small classified ad in a few newspapers can generate huge responses. Flashy half and full page ads are for the people that are building name recognition, these are definitely not for you. If you have the money for this type of advertising, let me know, you need a financial planner not an opportunity. Basically the two or three line classified ad appeals to the opportunist.

Lead generating companies. This is a tricky subject. Please be aware that there are unscrupulous operators out there that just want your money and don’t care about SPAM. If there are no date time stamps and IP addresses that they will send you do not use them even if they say they are double, triple or even a billion “opt-in”. I would recommend a company called Lead Power.com and only purchase telephone verified leads. What this means is that they use their time and effort to call the lead first. I can tell you from experience that when you purchase 100 leads you are doing great if you can contact between 30-50%. So let them do the work for you. Then when you call the lead is expecting a call within the next few hours. Plan to call them as soon as they are e-mailed to you. Have a time of day you work your business and stick to it.

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