Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Four Sure Win Way to Increase Affiliate Revenue

If you'd like to increase your long-term affiliate income then I think you'll enjoy this article. It can sometimes get overwhelming when you're trying to build a profitable online business no matter how much experience you have.

Most affiliates are continously searching for more effective methods to maximize their income. That's why I am going to outline the most effective methods that super affiliates are using to market their products.

1.) Create a Minisite.

Yes, a minisite! It's a simple website that pre-sells the product. You might think this is redundant since there is a main site that says everything anyway, but trust me this works. The other MAJOR advantage is it also allows you to collect an opt-in before the person exits from your site. Good affiliates use this as an opportunity to follow up with these people who have expressed an interest in their products


On this site, don't talk about how great the product is. Charles "Tremendous" Jones said, "Never give a point without a story and never tell a story without a point." You see, people want to know how it worked for you and how it may work for them. So by hearing your story, they begin to visualize and relate to your situation. Both increase your odds of them buying the product.

3.) Create a Mailing list!

Yes, I know this sounds like a lot of work, but in this case, a little bit of extra effort can pay dividends many times. Creating your own mailing list is an investment for today, tomorrow and every other day that follows. It gives you control and maximizes every effort you put forth in promoting any product because now you have an opportunity to communicate with these people over and over. Instead of always relying on new people clicking on your links you now have an opportunity to sell more products to the same people who have already expressed an interest. It's much more effective and the sales process is actually easier in the long-run. So take a few minutes and think of something you can offer them in exchange for their Name and Email Address. Here are some quick ideas...Free Report - it could outline advanced strategies when using the product. A Demonstration Video - this gives people a "behind-the-scenes" look before they buy.

4.) Follow-up With Your Prospects.

This is all handled by an autoresponder anyway so as soon as you do it once, you can then forget about it. The easiest way to create a dynamite follow-up sequence is to just reiterate the main points expressed on the salesletter. It's fast, it's easy and it's effective. Just make sure to always include your affiliate link in every message!

What you need to know here is how to create a squeeze page (miniset that people can opt-in by providing email, name and contact no.) If you know basic html programming, you can use Microsoft Frontpage or use a free editor like Morzilla to create your miniset or another free software PageBreeze that functions like Frontpage.

You need to get a domain name which is akin to traditional business address. You need to get a web host to host your web which is akin to renting a location for your traditional business. You need an autoresponder to capture your opt-ins and a automatic email manager to send out emails to your opt-in regularly.

Marsden is an avid network and affiliate marketer specialising in Personal Development. Indulge and Enrich yourself with his Free Exposed Secrets to making unstoppable cash online even you have not made a single cents before and FREE E-book on "THINK AND GROW RICH" by Napoleon Hill. Enjoy reading and all the best to you.

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Vincenzo said...

Thank you for that "sure win" guide. I really think this might help me finally. I wonder how many people end up getting more traffic (and money) out of these tips and tricks? I for sure have an idea now about my mini website. hehe