Monday, June 04, 2007

Internet Affiliate Success

Do you want to become a highly paid affiliate?

This is one of the best on-line earning models that you can pursue.

Lucrative and easy-to-set up, affiliate income can become an auto pilot business for you once it is in place.

But you have to get it right to make it work. Consider these 10 steps to affiliate success.

1) Soft sell, don't hard sell. Give your visitor useful information, don't just hit them over the head with a sales pitch, flashy banners, and multiple order links.

Talk to your visitor like they qre a friend you are telling about a great movie you saw last night or a fantastic restaurant you dined at recently.

People love to hear a friend's experience, but they hate a sale pitch.

2) Focus on one message.

If you're building a site or a page for the item you are selling, limit it to just that item.

Don't load your page with links and banners for many products and services. You will confuse your visitor and they won't stay for long on your page.

When you talk with a friend, you discuss something in a leisurely manner. You don't wildly bombard your friend with sales pitches for everything under the sun.

Do the same for your cyber friends--your site visitors.

3) Find a profitable affiliate program.

You will do just as much to make one dollar as you will to make ten dollars, so why not make the extra nine dollars?

Investigate affiliate programs for the most profitable goods and services before you commit to anything.

4) Choose your affiliate partners wisely.

It can really ruin your day when you make a sale and the program you teamed up with doesn't pay you or doesn't pay on time.

Merchants associated with Commission Junction, Linkshare, or Clickbank can be trusted to pay you fairly and on time.

You can also expect lots of tools to make your sales job easier, such as prewritten letters and graphic images.

5) Tighten up the copy on your page.

If you are creating a web site, register a domain name that pertains to the product you are selling. If you are developing a single page, name the page as close to your product offering as possible.

Make it clear what your site or page is about.

6) Build your site or page for the search engines as well.

Include your keywords several times on the page to draw in the search engines and get your site ranked well.

Don't try sneaky techniques such as overloading your page with keywords or making the keywords the same color as the background. Search engines are way smarter than that and will ban you instead of list you.

7) Submit your site to the search engines and build more pages to attract those hungry search engine spiders.

Just like feeding a stray cat, the more you offer food (content), the more the search engines will come back.

8) Consider offering a newsletter on your page.

It often takes seven communications with someone before they respond positively to your offer.

Why not offer a newsletter or e-course that keeps your message in front of the potential customer? Otherwise, when the visitor leaves your site, you've lost them for good.

9) Know your visitor.

You know your friends, obviously, so get to know your site visitor. Provide them with what they want in terms of information, products, and services.

Once they buy from you, you can then offer something else that they would be interested in.

10) Create new information and services for your visitors to keep them coming back.


Kathy Ferneau is an on-line entrepreneur and flutist. What makes a champion affiliate? Find out here...

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