Friday, June 08, 2007

The One Niche To Avoid In Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

by Gayl Seager

So you've just bought the latest and hottest Internet Marketing ebook. You're ready and eager to become the super affiliate marketer you know you can be. You want to apply your newly-learned knowledge and make yourself some easy money online. As you ask yourself which niche to conquer, you remember that the author of the ebook you just bought (in his sales letter or his thank-you page, it doesn't really matter) said his product converts very well and asks you to consider being an affiliate for his book. "Hey," you think to yourself, "I like that idea! I *could* be an affiliate marketer for this Internet Marketing ebook I just bought." Do yourself a big favor. Don't.

The Internet Marketing niche is saturated these days, and unfortunately has been for years. A lot of this saturation is from affiliate marketers like you and me who have bought into the seductive lure of selling affiliate marketing ebooks. You're competing against the vast majority of people who have gotten the same idea that you've gotten about making money on the internet.

Compounding this problem is the chosen method that most affiliates attempt first. Most affiliates, wanting to see a quick return on their purchase, decide that the fastest way to get customers is through pay-per-click marketing. Big mistake. The bids required to get noticed on the Big 3 search engines in 2007 (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) can easily run into the several *dollars* per click range for the most obvious terms like "make money online." You read that right -- several dollars per click. Somebody is making money online here, and it isn't you.

The sad thing is that there are still plenty of untapped niches for your affiliate marketing efforts. You just have to spend the time and energy required to find them. You must also be prepared to cut your losses early if your initial research was wrong and there are no buyers in your targeted niche. Most every guru in Internet Marketing will stress the virtues of persistence, and there's a good reason they all do that. You need to be persistent in order to make money online.

So remember: there's more to making yourself easy money online than selling to the already overcrowded Internet Marketing field. There are too many people chasing too few customers, and the price to compete against your fellow affiliates is prohibitive. The markets are out there; you just need to find the one that's right for you.

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