Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What Does Content Do For The Affiliate Marketer?

As affiliate marketers we are constantly hearing that we should provide good content. So, a natural question is: why? What does content do? Below are a few things that good content will accomplish for you:

1. It will help generate traffic to your web site or blog.

If someone reads an article that you have written and it has good content, they will likely be more incline to see what else your have to say. So, maybe they will click thru to your web site or blog.

If you are sending out the information as part of your autoresponder series or as a part of your newsletter/ezine, again, maybe the content you provide will be the incentive that will cause them to click thru to your web site or blog.

Your traffic has increased because your content held their attention and caused them to be curious about what else you have to say.

2. It increases your search engine ranking.

How? Well, if you add a new article to your web site or blog and it is original, the search engines will find it and rank you web site based on the keywords that it finds in the article.

Some marketers call this fresh content and the search engines love it. If the information is also relevant to your web site or blog, you have just created more search engine points.

The more original and relevant the content that you can put on you site or blog is, the higher your search engine rankings will be.

Your content or article should have some degree of keyword focus or density. You should use your keyword in your title and several times in the body of your article. How many? Just several, don’t overdo it.

In addition, if you select keywords that have less competition, you will enhance your chances of getting a higher listing for that keyword.

3. It keeps your readers interested.

If someone comes to your web site or blog or they read your article and they find some new and interesting content, you will have a much better opportunity of keeping them on your web site and not clicking off to something else.

If you have AdSense on your site that means that you have a better chance that they will click on one of the ads. Good content keeps them around longer, so they see more, know more about what you are presenting, and maybe they will trust you enough to purchase your affiliate program.

4. It will help you to retain your newsletter/ezine subscribers.

Every affiliate marketer wants a large list of opt-in subscribers. You work hard to build the list. One of your major goals is to retain as many subscribes as possible.

Good content is one of the major secrets to subscriber retention. If your readers like what they read and it is new and interesting, then most of them will stick around for another read.

The longer they stick around, the more opportunities you will have to present the affiliate programs that you are promoting. Promoting your affiliate programs will be more successful if you can retain your subscribers. They will learn that you will be providing them with useful content – content that will help them to be successful. Maybe they will also see that your affiliate program will help them to be successful as well. So, strive to provide good, unique content and you will be more successful in promoting affiliate programs.

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