Thursday, July 05, 2007

5 Essential Things You Must Find In A Winning Affiliate Program!

Many affiliate marketers don't earn any significant amount of money online because they don't know what to look for in a good affiliate program.

It is sad because even if you promote like crazy, you will not make any money marketing an affiliate program with poor conversion rates.

Happily, once you know what to look for before you choose to promote your affiliate program, everything becomes easier.

Let's discover these five points right away...

Point #1 – High Conversion Rates.

The website you are promoting must display its conversion rates inside the affiliate members area. Don't waste your time with affiliate programs that don't take care of their affiliates, and don't help them to earn more money.

A great (or good enough) product plus a solid copy will get high conversion rates, and hence, more commissions for you.

Be sure that the merchant is continuously testing his website. Why? Because overtime, you will earn more affiliate commissions.

Be aware that video is quickly becoming a major element of sales page online, and even simple landing pages.

Point #2 - High Commission Rates.

Try to always chose the product with the highest commission rate. After all, you are here for the money. The goal of any business is to make more money.

Point #3 – High Quality Product.

Always over-deliver. Your customers must say wow, when they buy the products you recommended or endorsed. When this happens, they will buy more than one of your recommendation, but several of them overtime.

Video products sell very well, so you should pay close attention to them if you are not already marketing info-products.

Reason #4 – High Quality and Reliable Tracking System

You don't want to promote a winning product, and find out that commission were'nt tracked! So be sure to have a system in place to detect a problem, and make your research before you start your massive online advertising campaign.

So be sure to check that there is a

Reason #5 – Reliable Commission Payments Software.

You also want to be sure that you will receive your hard earned money (affiliate marketing is not so easy...).

The ideal solution is to be paid instantly. As an affiliate, the only system I know for this is the seven dollar secret system.

You are paid instantly into your paypal account when you make a sale! See an example here:

Otherwise, being paid every two weeks is acceptable as well.

If you look for these five points before starting to promote your affiliate products, you will see a nice increase in your affiliate revenue, so do your home work.

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