Saturday, July 14, 2007

5 Tips For Newbie Success In Affiliate Marketing

Being new to Internet Marketing can be very intimidating. You are constantly getting bombarded with e-mails offering the latest and best programs available. You can quite possibly spend more money getting started before you even make a dime on the Internet. If you follow these 5 steps I am going to outline for you in this article You should be off to a good solid start in your new Internet Marketing career.

1. The first and most important step in starting your business is that you have to have a real good solid belief that you will succeed in the opportunity you are about to embark on. You also have to make a commitment to yourself that you will do what ever it takes to make your business succeed. You and you alone are responsible for whether your business succeeds or fails.

2. Next you want to put together a solid business plan. Without a good business plan you will just be spinning you wheels and getting nowhere. With a business plan you have a path to follow with actual goals you set to meet at certain points. This is a wonderful tool because you can track your progress in your business, and see where you need to make changes.

3. This next step will take some time to complete. You will need to find some good affiliate programs to join. What you want to look for in affiliate programs first of all is the percentage of commission you will earn. You want to find the ones that will pay you at least 50 percent. Another type would be 2 tier programs. They allow you to recruit members who sign up under you and you in turn make money off of their efforts. Another type of affiliate programs are ones that offer residual income. This is income that is earned for life from customer reorders or income from sub affiliates.

4. Now you need to have a place to promote your programs. The best way to do this is to get yourself a website. Having your own website is great because now you will be able to brand yourself, set your own niche. There are many good programs that will provide you with a website and hosting, all you have to do is come up with domain name and purchase it.

5. Once you have completed the first four steps you need to get people to your site. The first thing you need to do or this is to submit your site to as many search engines as possible. This will help you to get optimized in the search engines. Another way to get visitors to your site is to join online forums. There are many great IM forums out there. Finally one of the best ways to attract qualified traffic to your site is by writing articles and submitting them to article directories. This will attract visitors and give you quality one way links to your site which will move you up in the search engine ranks.

As you can see it is not too difficult to become successful with affiliate marketing. What it really takes is some belief in yourself and knowing that you will succeed. You also need to find the right programs for you, put them on a website and promote your site to bring visitors to it.

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