Thursday, July 05, 2007

Affiliate Marketers - How To Create The Perfect Blog To Promote Your Affiliate Programs

You are promoting an affiliate program. Maybe more than one. And you're wondering if you are doing everything possible to promote your internet marketing business.

You have a website but you're not getting enough traffic to convert to sales. Maybe at this time you don't have the available cash to invest in Adwords. What are you going to do?

Why blog, of course!

By now, even your grandparents probably have heard of blogs. Maybe they even have one of their own...

Are you already blogging to promote your affiliate? Is it performing like you had hoped? Are you new to the blogging experience but you want to market your affiliate program with more success?

Blogging is the perfect vehicle for getting traffic. Not just any lost souls. Highly-targeted traffic. And, it's free! What can be better than that?

The two most popular blogging platforms are:

Blogger and Wordpress

You'll want to play around with both to get a feel for what works for you. Both have excellent qualities. It's just a matter of finding your perfect fit. Try not to become impatient setting up your first blog. As with most things, the first time is the hardest. After that, you'll amaze yourself with how competent a blogger you've become! Once you have your blog set up, what then? Well, search engines love great content. So, you will be the master of your blog content. They're called posts.

Here is where you'll shine. You will provide information on your affiliate program. It can be a review. Or it can be relevant articles on a certain aspect of the affiliate program. Don't stress about writing. Just write like you talk. Visitors will appreciate you.

What's the most important thing you'll need to know about creating the perfect blog?

Keywords. I can't stress it enough. Keywords. Learn everything you can about them. Read everything you can get your hands on about them. And...then, study some more. Seriously, it is crucial to promoting anything online.

There are many good programs you can buy to assist you with keyword research. For the free ones, I use...

Wordtracker and Goodkeywords

How will people find your blog? First, you'll want to "ping". Yes, that's what it's called.

My favorite "pinging" platforms are:

Technorati and Pingoat

Easy to use and free! You'll want to ping after every update to your blog. This gets the word out that more content is available. And you've given more food to the search engine spiders. For all the above mentioned companies, just put the word in your search browser to reach their webpage.

Now go forth and multiply. Your traffic-producing blogs, that is!

(c) 2007 Karen Cook

To get more information about creating the best blog you can possibly build, come over to visit me at:

Karen Cook works in a Public Library where blogging is one of the things she helps her patrons master.

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