Thursday, August 30, 2007

Affiliate Marketing - Where To Get Laser-Targeted Traffic?

As an affiliate marketer, you will be very eager to get your website up and running. When everything is done, you are happy and hoping that sales will pour in on autopilot mode. You wait for days and weeks and nothing happens to the sales counter. You check your visitor log and finds that there are no visitors to you website at all. Where went wrong? This answer is simple, no one know your existence! It does not mean that when you website goes live, it is searchable and can be found by the general public. Far from it, you need to bring people to your website.

So, as an affiliate marketer, where and how can you bring people to your website? Below are some free and proven ways that you can use to drive laser-targeted traffic to your website. Use them and see the results.

Method 1. Relying on search engines. You can submit your website to the top three main search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). As these search engines are popular and used by most of the people, you can get loads of free targeted traffic. However, there is a catch. In order to get the free traffic, your website must be at the top position on page 1? If you cannot achieve that, then this method will not be suitable for you for a start. For your website to be indexed by the search engines, it can take months at times. Can you wait? However, you should not totally ignore this method since it can really drive massive target traffic to your website once it is at the top of the search page. Nevertheless, submit your website to the search engines and move on to the rest of the Methods.

Method 2. The link exchange method. This method is basically asking other webmasters to put your URL on their website. There is no free lunch! In return, you will have to put their URL on your website too. This is called link exchange. Basically, what you are doing is exchanging traffics with each other. To do this, your website must first be of acceptable standards. You will then try to find webmasters that have similar business with you. You should not find your competitors! You should find websites that have business which are complementary to yours.

Method 3. Writing your own articles. This may sounds like a very difficult task to some whom do not like writing. Nonetheless, for those who have the aptitude of writing, you should make use of this remarkable method to drive targeted traffic to your website. This one method is used by many successful Internet Marketers promoting their website. When you write and published an article, you are entitled to have your website URL at your author’s bio section. When someone reads your article and if they find it interesting, naturally they will want to visit your website via your URL at your author bio section. In this way, you drive traffic to your website. Simple and effective method.

Method 4. This method is about using other Internet Marketer’s traffic or joint venture marketing. This is another effective ways of driving targeted traffic to your website. The deal is, you request the other party to promote your product to their list of subscribers at some agreed price. By doing that, your product is instantly exposed to a lot of visitors. The number of visitors will depend on how big is the list. Recently, I was approached by an Internet Marketer asking me if I would like to share my free download website with his list. He asked me for a small sum. I gladly agreed. My website site will be exposed to his 100,000 or so subscribers.

Method 5. This method is having your own affiliate programs. Assuming that you already have your own product, you can list it on some of the major network like Clickbank or Listdotcom. If you product is interesting, you will have a lot of affiliate marketers promoting for you at their cost. You do not need to pay them unless they make a sale for you. This is also another very effective method. If 100 affiliates are promoting for you and each of them have 100,000 subscribers, you can imagine how much traffic you will get.

Method 6. Build a list of you own. The advantage of this method is that, you can email them as and when you like at no additional charge. However, building up a responsive list takes time and effort. This is a long term method. However, if you abuse your list, they will unsubscribe in no time.

The above suggested methods are all free and proven methods used by successful internet marketers for their affiliate marketing. These methods are not difficult to implement. Bear in mind that driving traffic to your website is the number one thing that you must do in order to success. If no one visits your website, no matter how good is you product, you will not make a sale. This is akin to no want visiting your shop!

Since driving traffic to your website is so crucial to the success of your affiliate marketing, it is only prudent that you put intense attention on this. As a start, chose a method that is most suitable to you. Once you have decided which method to use, you will have to test it out. You will get the best results if you try a combination of them. Finally, remember, you will need to get people to see your website. There are other paid methods as well. Try these free methods first. You can get more information on working at home at Work From Home.

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