Friday, August 31, 2007

The Characteristics of the Perfect Affiliate Marketing Manager

by Russell Brunson

"At the heart of every company that makes healthy profits every day is an affiliate marketing manager that ensures that affiliates around the world are selling their products and services automatically. Affiliate marketing is a huge part of a business plan, and the affiliate marketing manager is the one who keeps everything running.

So, what are the characteristics of a perfect affiliate marketing manager?

Well, first of all, the perfect affiliate marketing manager has to be able to talk to people face to face and on the phone. Affiliate managers are the face of the company when they go to conferences and anywhere else where there's contact with potential affiliates. They must be able to sell themselves and their company to affiliates and persuade them to promote their product.

The perfect affiliate marketing manager must be able to provide whatever tools and services affiliates need to make as many sales as possible. They realize that, in general, most marketers are lazy and don't want to do a lot of work to promote your product. Therefore, affiliate marketing managers must provide tools such as banner ads, emails, and text ads to the affiliate to make it as easy as possible.

Another reason the perfect affiliate marketing manager must be a good "people person" is because he must be able to motivate affiliates to keep selling their products. The affiliate marketing manager either calls potential affiliates on the phone or devises incentives such as bonuses or a refund of part of the commission to keep affiliates motivated. It can be a tough job since most affiliate partners have busy lives, but the dividends of increased affiliate sales are well worth it.

One thing the affiliate marketing manager knows very well is that, when the affiliates are happy, then they will keep promoting products. Therefore the job of the affiliate marketing manager is to keep everyone happy as possible so they keep promoting.

In addition, the affiliate marketing manager knows the importance of having a good affiliate marketing process for the company. It works well both ways: the affiliate makes money without having to create his/her own product, and the affiliate marketing manager's company makes money on autopilot with minimal marketing.

If you are starting out in online marketing, you'll be able to be your own affiliate marketing manager. But as your business grows and you need to hire employees, a good affiliate marketing manager can bring extra profits to your company---even while you sleep or are on vacation with the kids.

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