Friday, August 31, 2007

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

by Matt Cook

Many people now to Affiliate Marketing make many mistakes when first starting out and even more continue to make these mistakes as they continue on through out their careers as affiliate marketers.

Here is a quick list of the top 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes you may be making right now.

1.) Sending the potential customer directly to your Affiliate sales page

This might seem strange to most new affiliate marketers. You may be thinking "why would I want to send my potential customer directly to the merchants sales page I am promoting?"

There are a few very good reasons for this. That person could click through your affiliate link then five seconds later they may leave that page for whatever reason. This is not what you want to happen! You have worked hard to get your affiliate link in front of a potential customer interested in the product you are promoting and they left. The worst part is that they could return later by typing in the URL they saw on top of the page leaving the part that makes it your affiliate link out.

This bring me to the next mistake which goes hand in hand with this mistake.

2.) Not having the proper tools (web hosting, domain name and autoresponder)

My guess is 80% of the people who just read "web hosting and domain name" are now surfing YouTube. Do not be scared of having a website! You do not need to create your very own 100, 000 page content site all you need is a simple 1-5 page website to collect "leads" to build your mailing list. By doing this you can first collect a "lead" (someone who is interested in the niche you are advertising for) and after they are subscribed to your list you can promote various products in that niche to them over and over again.

Anyone who isn't serious enough to buy web hosting, a domain (.com name) and a membership to an auto responder service isn't likely to make it very far as an affiliate marketer anyways.

Trust me, you will make back that small investment in no time.

3.) Not knowing enough about the product you are promoting

After you get your web hosting, domain and auto responder make sure you stufy up on the product you are promoting. I see way to many people promoting products that they have no idea what they are talking about! The people on your mailing list will think you are a joke not to mention if you recommend products that are garbage you are going to lose their trust. That is the last thing you are going to want to do for your affiliate marketing business.

4.) Signing up for too many affiliate programs

Number 4 is a no-brainer if it's a bad idea promoting one bad product that you know nothing about it not a good idea to promote 15 bad products that you know nothing about.

Take number three seriously and buy the products you are promoting or at very least read the sales page a few times to learn what this product is going to do you're your mailing list subscribers.

5.) Not using link cloaking/link redirection

Please go to this link

No one wants to click that link. I mean no one. Not even me.

Spend less than ten dollars and get the scripts that allow you to use your new beautiful domain and hosting to create a great looking link that everyone will click (well that's the idea) that looks something like this:

Or :

It seems a lot more professional and is easier for people to remember. You can get the Affiliate Sales Booster from my website here:

There you have it. Hopefully now you can go out and increase your affiliate commissions and put a boost your affiliate checks.

Good Luck!

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