Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The 10 Biggest Mistakes That Will End Your Affiliate Career

  • Though it is possible to be successful with affiliate marketing programs, not everyone is able to make it. What are the reasons? Well, there are 10 of them, actually. Listed below are the 10 biggest mistakes that make being successful in affiliate marketing very elusive. Read them, study them and learn how to avoid them. Heeding these mistakes can spell the difference between monumental profits and dismal performance in your affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • The belief that people would just click on your affiliate links. Though an affiliate's job is mainly limited to pre-selling, pre-selling involves more than just displaying the affiliate links. It also entails encouraging people to click on them by enumerating the benefits that can be derived from the affiliate merchant's products, giving favorable recommendations about the use of the same, and providing an encouraging offer that would entice readers to check out the package.
  • Believing that there's such a thing as organic traffic. If I build it they will come. Organic traffic, or traffic that is naturally generated by a website, is a myth. There is no such thing as organic traffic! If you're hosting your affiliate links in one website, you can't expect people to find it just because it's there. You have to send them there or make them find it. This can be accomplished through effective SEO techniques and efficient marketing strategies.
  • Believing that employing one marketing strategy is enough. Some people actually think that submitting one article to the article directories would give them the amount of traffic they need. This is a fatal and costly mistake. Limiting yourself to a single, or even a couple, of marketing tactics would be limiting the number of visitors you could generate for your website. Also, you'll fail to tap into other segments of your targeted market if your marketing plan is not flexible enough to expand.
  • Failing to study and keep track of your campaign's performance. Most affiliates merely check on how much they have earned per day, and if such an amount remains at low levels, they fail to make corresponding adjustments because, well, they don't know which aspects of their campaigns need improving. It is important to study every facet of our marketing strategies. How many visitors are we generating for our website? How many of them are unique? How many are returning? How much time do they spend in our pages? Where are they coming from? To where are they exiting? These are the questions that can be answered by an excellent visitor tracking software program, and these are the questions that could help us improve the performance of our marketing endeavors.
  • Failing to find an affiliate program with a proven record of consumer satisfaction. The credibility of an enterprise depends on how people view it. If the affiliate program has established great relationships with the members of its target market, then it has established a brand that is recognizable for its excellent service and products. You'd have an easier time pre-selling such an affiliate program's products.
  • Failing to keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry. There will come a time when the marketing knowledge we know would become obsolete, more so in the field of Internet marketing where everything transpires at a rapid pace. You have to constantly update yourself with the newest trends, techniques and news in this field to always keep your competitive edge.
  • Failing to invest on knowledge. Knowledge likewise evolves and you have to evolve with it. Buy noteworthy eBooks, special reports and the likes... those that teach you the latest tactics to help you conquer your field.
  • Resting on your laurels once a semblance of success is achieved. Success is not eternal. You have to sustain it. If you leave your business alone once it shows the promise of success, you're just setting it up for failure.
  • Believing that affiliate marketing is a "get rich quick" scheme. It is not! You have to invest a certain level of commitment, a lot of time, some financial resources on occasions, and a whole lot of hard work if you want to truly realize the many wonderful things that this field does promise.
  • Bonus Tip! After writing the top ten reasons most affiliate's fail I realized that there was one more, probably the most important one of all. In my opinion the biggest reason most people fail in affiliate marketing is that they fail to Act. There are countless ways to make money online and a number of people let themselves get caught up in the research of making money and never do anything that will make them money. You can own every eBook that is on the Internet but if you never put any of the information to use they are just electronic paperweights.

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