Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Warning Affiliate Beginner: You Have 99% Risk of Being Scammed

by L.O.

If youre affiliate beginner, you are in danger!

You know, by reading this article youll get your eyes open, and youll get to understand why you are in risk of being scammed.

First, you will hear this everywhere: Affiliate marketing is easy and all you need to do is laze in the sun when you buy my super-amazing affiliate guide

People who sell their affiliate guides know which ropes to pull. They know the tricks that knock out your common sense. They make themselves look like heroes you should listen, and they almost force you to give them your credit card number before you even realize! They know how to sell you their e-crap, as I call it!

Still, most of these so-called guides are total waste of time. In worst case you go and try their theoretical tactics and end up wasting money. If Im little more positive, you earned some money, but 99% of the time you waste more than you spend!

So, affiliate marketing doesnt look so bright and promising business after all?

Well, I don`t say that either!

If you get past the hyped-up stuff and find things that work, affiliate business is very rewarding and quite easy!

After all, you dont need to be creating your own products or worry about customer service and stuff. All you need to do is send in the customer, get your commission. Then rinse and repeat!

Im just here to remind you: Keep your common sense with you all the time!

Find things that work. Go to discussion forums and ask tips from successful affiliates. Thats one sure way to get good information!

I cant remind you enough of this: Affiliate business has boomed in past few years, but what has also boomed is amount of people who only want to ride the affiliate bandwagon!

What I mean is they only want to get your money selling outdated or theoretical e-crap! They are wolves disguised as sheeps.

Im very worried about affiliate beginners in this way because Ive found world-famous internet marketing gurus using their authority as psychological advantage to sell useless e-books and services!

You are warned: remember my words before you go and blindly believe every sales letter you see!

About the Author

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