Friday, December 28, 2007

How To Explode Your Affiliate Sales In 2008!

by John Navata

Affiliate marketing has been an incredible opportunity for people around the globe. While some affiliate marketers earn a few extra thousand dollars each month, others consistently bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. However, as more people have begun marketing affiliate products, the competition has soared. In 2007, there was a tidal wave of new marketers competing for a piece of the commission pie. In 2008, that competition is growing and becoming more savvy. This article describes what you need to do in 2008 to build your affiliate business and explode your sales.

Focus To Grow Your Affiliate Business More Quickly

One of the primary hurdles for those struggling to make significant money by promoting affiliate products is a lack of focus. Excited by opportunity and lured by the thought of huge commission checks, many affiliates spread themselves too thin. For example, affiliates who promote Clickbank products are greeted with tens of thousands of ebooks and software programs that promise huge commissions. Those who choose to promote tangible products such as golf clubs, treadmills and computers can find thousands of merchants and tens of thousands of products at Commission Junction.

As a result, most affiliates lose themselves in the opportunity. To truly grow your business, compete aggressively and dominate your market, you must learn to focus your efforts. Some high-volume affiliates promote only a few products to earn six-figure monthly commission checks. By focusing, you grow intimate with a market. You learn exactly what that market wants and needs. You learn how to communicate to that market to persuade them to buy. You learn how to promote effectively to that market. Focusing can grow your business more quickly than you can imagine.

Follow A Proven Leader To Leverage Affiliate Strategies

Try to identify a leading affiliate marketer that has proven to use strategies that drive significant revenue. Once you do, follow what that leader. Watch what that affiliate says. Read that leader's blog or newsletter. Watch for recommendations. If that leading affiliate recommends that you try a certain strategy to dramatically increase your commissions, implement that strategy.

By following a proven affiliate leader, you can learn effective techniques more quickly and leverage that leader's experience by implementing the same strategies. Most highly-successful affiliate marketers identified others who had achieved success. You should strive to do the same.

How It Pays Off In The End

The roads of the internet are filled with the remains of broken affiliates. Every day, affiliates spread themselves too thin and destroy their chances of learning how to effectively market products and services to a few markets. Other affiliates sit alone, happy to waste their time without guidance or direction. Small commission checks are the result.

Learn from their mistakes. If you can focus intimately on one or two markets, you will likely find it easy to dominate your competition. You can gain higher positions in the search engines. You can write ads that get more clicks than others. You can learn how to talk to your market so they buy exactly what you're promoting.

Find a leader who has shown an enormous level of savvy in affiliate marketing. Follow that leader's strategies and recommendations. By doing this, you can leverage their knowledge and skills to build and grow your affiliate marketing business more quickly than would otherwise be possible. In 2008, you may find yourself with huge commission checks and a group of people who want to follow your lead.

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Unlimited Earning Potential Through Referral Programs

by Elizabeth Boyd

With the high cost of marketing and advertising, many businesses are now offering substantial "finders fees" to anyone referring business their way. Referring just a few customers per month can make you BIG money with certain companies.

This is by far one of the best money making opportunities I have discovered and it costs you absolutely nothing to do. Companies are trying very hard right now to keep the advertising and marketing costs down and as a result, anyone with a computer and the internet can cash in on this opportunity.

A search on referral programs will bring you hundreds of results. For example, one company offers a $1500 reward just for referring them a good employee! Another offers $1000 for finding manufacturing companies that would like to save money on their overhead. Unreal!

Start by determining what types of companies you would be interested in providing referrals, this is especially important if you currently have a business you could share clients with. Then do a simple search of "___(industry)___ referral programs" and see what each has to offer. I ran into instances where companies offering the exact same services would offer far different referral bonuses, a difference of a $100 or more is possible, so don't go with the first company you find. Once you have found a company that offers a preferable program, do your research.

You will want to know exactly what they do and get an idea of what they charge. If one company is paying $20 for a referral and another is paying $100, odds are the company paying $20 is giving a much better price to customers. Also, be sure to read ALL fine print and terms of referral program. Most are easy to read and understand, but some require a bit more searching to find all the details. From there, the company will either have a "Referral Page" where you will be required to fill in your information, as well as the customer you are referring each time. The other option would be that the company will provide a dedicated link for you to refer potential clients to and you will be given a "Referrer Number" to track your results.

Following is a VERY BRIEF list of legitimate companies you might want to check out- Sprint Offers 50% Of Referred Clients First Bill; (financing) offers $35 to any new borrower; (internet) offers $10-$15; (payroll services) offers 10% of monthly bill; and that's just to name a few!

As stated above, there are an overwhelming amount of companies offering referral programs. If you are seriously interested in referring a specific trade, don't give up too easy if you don't find a referral program offered right away. Check different search engines and even contact companies you are familiar with and see if they currently have a referral program or would be interested in setting a program up with you.

You can easily set up agreements with multiple companies at one time, allowing you to offer several products/services solutions and make unlimited income.

Track your results whenever possible. If you've referred 100 potential clients and receive no compensation, there may be a problem with the honesty of the company and you will need to address this immediately.

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

by Leanne King

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for people to start an internet marketing career.

There are three reasons why this is an effective internet marketing strategy:

1. The start up costs are very small. Affiliate marketing can even be carried out without a website. I personally like to have my own website but it is possible to test out affiliate marketing without having your own website. If you do want to have your own website you will have some expenses mainly a domain name and hosting.

2. You do not need to create a product. The owner of the product has already created the product for you and usually has created promotional material. The material that they will supply you with usually consists of banners, auto responder messages and forum signatures.

3. You get to keep the spare room or the attic. There will not be any clutter of stock in your attic or spare room waiting to be sold and shipped out. The owner of the product will deal with all the fulfilment of the orders for you. All you need to do is sell the product and cash the affiliate marketing commission cheques.

There are many affiliate programs available to choose from to start your online income. One way to find an appropriate program that you would like to promote is to go to your favourite search engine. Just type in the niche you are interested in and include the words affiliate program. Your search query would look something like this "pets + affiliate program". You will usually get a lot of search results and you can just visit the websites and analyse the affiliate programs available.

Once you have found a program that you are satisfied with you will usually need to apply to become an affiliate. Some programs require you to have a website which they must manually approve, others do not. Once accepted you will receive all the promotional materials that the owner has created together with your own unique affiliate identity.

The process of finding and signing up with programs is generally quick, easy and free but promoting the product can be difficult. Usually, the promotion is difficult because there is a lack of step by step guides to assist with this strategy. Most guides published to assist with this type of marketing strategy provide great information but lack detail. Luckily, for beginners many experienced internet marketers have compiled step by step guides to assist newbie marketers get their first affiliate marketing commission cheque.

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Affiliate Marketing, A Few Basic Bits And Pieces - SEO

I am sure you have heard of the term Search Engine Optimization. You probably know alot about it. Or perhaps like me you are learning lots of bits and pieces about it and gradually becoming the expert that will make you an internet marketing guru sometime in the near future I hope!

Search Engine Optimization is the method of making your website easily found by both search engines and search engine users. You might not realize that even though you are targeting people surfing the net out there hoping to get lots of visitors to your site, if your site cannot be found in the first place the visitors cant visit. It has been recognized for some time that the earlier a site appears in a list of search results the more visitors that site gets. Search engines will tend to list a site earlier in their list if they can find the site easily.

How can you make your site search engine friendly? Well it might help if you understand how search engines find sites in the first place. In summary search engines use sets of well defined instructions in the form of certain factors that they look for in a website.These instructions may also be called alogrithims. When a website contains many of these factors that fulfill the instructions the search engine has been given, the search engine will rank that website high in its list of websites.

So what are these factors? Experts use lots of factors and techniques to make a website search engine friendly but for our purposes we will stick to a simplified summary of them:

1. Write good content

2. Design a simple website

3. Use well written metatags

You don't always have to be an expert to include these factors on your website. You could get by quite well by sticking to a few rules:

Writing good content for your website:

Write content relevant to your targeted audience. Use words called keywords in the content. Keywords are words that people are likely to use when searching and surfing the net for your type of product or service or business. Put yourself in that person's place. What words would you type in if looking for a particular product? Use lists of keywords both in content and source code and include common misspellings of difficult words in the source code. Use keyword phrases rather than single keywords.

Search engines will look for these keywords and use them to both categorize and rank your site. When writing content for your site also use text that you have used in other tags like metatags and headings. Write content of at least 200 words per page.

When writing content for your site do also remember to include links from other sites to yours and blogger's links as well.

In the next bits and pieces article we shall look at Simple Web Design and Metatags as ways to make your website search engine friendly.

Dilemma To Join An Affiliate Program

One of the best ways to earn your income is selling. The difficulty in actual selling can be due to the fact to going to different place along with the products to be sold and giving it directly to the customers. Some people feel ashamed to be turned down by the customers and don't prefer to sell by themselves. Of late selling can be done through affiliate marketing apart from direct product selling.

Basically the term affiliate marketing on the net means selling services or products on the basis of commission. But here it is the on line service rather than physical direct service that most people have fear of. Owning a site of your own makes it easier to begin an affiliate marketing business. Having basic knowledge about affiliate programs and the methods used to carry them out is necessary to earn a huge income without losing the opportunity to consider the advantages of affiliate programs.

Vital points to note prior to joining an affiliate program

1. There are various types of affiliate programs that include pay per click, bounty, pay per lead, pay per sale and two tier. On purchase of an item by the customer, the commission of the product is paid to you by 'pay per sale'. The visiting of the customer to the site itself fetches you a pay by 'pay per click'. It doesn't require the customer to make a purchase. But if the customer purchases, you tend to earn more money. With the PPC type of marketing, the pay of the companies range from $.05 to $.15.

The payment for each customer is a one-time pay that ranges from $2 to $5. There is a possibility of higher benefits upon signing up of application by the customer.

If you fetch a customer and refer him, you will get your referral fee. If in case the referral makes a purchase, you lack the rights to receive any commission and this is called a bounty.

Getting commissions from both direct sales and sub-affiliates sales generation is called two tiered.

The Benefits

The basic benefits of an affiliate program is inclusive of avoiding deals with people such as employees, warranties, technical support, customer service, brokers, process orders and many more features and take measures to bring prospects to visit your website. It is not necessary for you to glue to your system but you have a freedom to go out for a vacation, holiday as long as you have an Internet connection.

Pondering over the above details, it is up to you to decide whether to join the affiliate program or not. The moment you decide to join, the company delivers a URL or a link, that offers an access to the company's website enables monitoring your websites and paying out your commissions.

Money can be made easily by joining affiliate programs. If you have a flair for marketing and willing to explore the various opportunities available on the Internet, then join.

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Try These Three Affiliate Marketing Tactics And See The Difference In Your Business

Affiliate marketers are always seeking the most successful markets that will provide them with the opportunity of making the biggest pay checks. It is easy to get caught up in the hype and believe that there is a magic wand which will make this dream readily available, unfortunately life does not work that way and certainly not in affiliate marketing.

The reality is that a system of working practices and hard work and dedication are the only answer to finding the correct formula.

So lets take a look at three long established tactics that continue to work for all affiliates who apply them. If you apply these tactics well, you will see improvements in results and set yourself the foundations to survive within affiliate marketing.

What are these three tactics?

1. There is a temptation to have one single web site operating as an hub, where you can market several products from. This does not work that well, you are best employed in having separate sites for separate products, and making the focus that product only.

Product reviews are important so that they provide an initial understanding on what benefits the product offers if they decide to buy, in a fashion you are pre-selling the product before they visit the vendors site. If you can include customer testimonials, this provides the visitor with confidence and the product with credibility. Ensure that you have permission to use these testimonials, including names and pictures.

Articles written about the product highlighting the use of the product can provide additional content and resources for your visitors. The purpose of the articles should be to attract the reader through compelling headlines and the article body to want to know more about how the product can provide specific solutions to problems they face. This will help your readers to learn what the page is about and will want to find out more.

2. You want not only your site to be a review page, but you also want it to be a squeeze page so that you can collect your visitors name and email addresses. To provide a reason for your visitor to surrender their personal details offer a free report of substance, try and position your offer close to the top of the page, where it cannot be missed. You will need to have a follow up series built into your auto responder, research indicates that your subscriber will need up to seven contacts before making a purchase.

If your strategy is to have a web page on its own, there are only two possible outcomes to this scenario: You close a sale, or the visitor leaves never to come back. By securing their names and email addresses, you can end them useful information that they find in their in box which hopefully will reawaken their interest in your products offerings. Try and avoid making your contact into just a sales pitch, given them quality sound reasons to buy.

3. To succeed you need targeted traffic to your site, and one of the best ways is through article writing, Write articles and submit them to ezine directories, like ezine You could also target ezines which focused upon you area directly, either way you should be driving targeted traffic to your site with people who have already got a genuine interest in your product.

It is important that you maintain consistency with regards to your article submission strategy, ensure that you are writing a minimum of at least two articles per week, with at least 300-600 words in length. If you can maintain this strategy you can be on the way to generating significant numbers of targeted readers each and every day.

Remember making sales is not easy average conversion rates are in the region of only 1 out of every 100 visitors will buy your product or service. Therefore it is vitally important to increase quality traffic to your sites.

The tactics themselves are not difficult, but they do require time and energy and patience on your part. The real secret is to build up as many of these as you can, in time you will start to see a steady flow of affiliate income.

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Are These The Reasons You Fail In Affiliate Marketing?

You probably have heard about these:

"Make $1000 per week by working only 1 hour per day!"

"Go from Zero to Hero in 7 days with NO Investment!"

"This Business-In-A-Box Will Make You $50,000 This Year, Guaranteed!"

Sounds familiar? I bet that you have seen these kind of ads when you surf around the net. These kind of ads are targeting for opportunity seekers. If you are looking for an opportunity, then most probably you will click on one of those ads and buy their products. These ads convert well. Why? Simply because they are looking for people who wants to make money online with a fast and easy way. And I called these people the opportunity seekers. They are seeking for opportunities which promise them that they can make a lot of money with little or no effort. Opportunity seekers believe that there are some 'secrets' that can make them rich with no effort and in a very short time. So do not be an opportunity seeker!

What you want here is not an opportunity for you to make easy money. What you want to have is a solid business that can last long enough, a business that can make you earn a continuous flow of income. You want a business that can grow and expand where you will able to achieve your freedom, time freedom, financial freedom, and the lifestyle you have always desired.

If you think that affiliate marketing is easy and instant money maker, then you are wrong! Very often, people misunderstand that affiliate marketing is easy and it takes no effort to make money. This is wrong. Just like every other business, you need to put your effort and time to develop your affiliate business. Yes you can make lots of money and it can be fast. However this is only if you spend your time and effort doing it seriously! Do not underestimate affiliate marketing my friend. Every business needs time to develop, and you need to put a lot of effort in it. Do not think about making millions with affiliate marketing overnight, it is impossible. But still, there are a few exceptions, very rare cases which break this myth. Just keep this in mind, there is no easy money in this world.

So do not think that you can become a Millionaire overnight with affiliate programs, not the first week and not the first month. Most probably it will take you a few months before you can see steady streams of income flowing into your pocket. Therefore when you see ads that claim they can make you a Millionaire in just 24 hours, you should know that they are targeting people who are looking for opportunity. And you are NOT an opportunity seeker, what you want is a real and solid business which can brings you continuous flow of cash.

No matter what kind of business, be it online or offline brick and mortar business. There are differences between those that who made it so successful and those failed. And some people called these differences mistakes. We all made mistakes. Nobody is perfect in this world, and nobody can success without making any mistakes. Hence you can see here, we need to make mistakes in order to success. I just wanted to tell you that do not be afraid of making mistakes in affiliate marketing. So if you want to make more money in affiliate marketing, you will need to go through the entire tough path. Are you ready to take the challenge? Have you prepared yourself?

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Affiliate Marketing - Earning Money With Affiliate Marketing

Let me share my experience with you. How I decided to pursue affiliate marketing because I believe earning money online is not achievable. I, however, was so naive to think that make money online was actually impossible for someone like me. I did not even know how to make a website. I am not a computer techie.

Miracle happened, I would say; after reading a confession that a housewife without any internet experience can earn money online at home. I had no reason to think I could not do that. Getting started was the hardest part. But I am glad I did try; now it does not seem so hard like I thought it was.

I was testing affiliate marketing for fun. I thought it would be good if it worked, if it did not work, I would not bother to continue considering I spent nothing to start but my time. Anyway, I learnt a lot as I go; one thing, which I think, is very important to tell you is that you have to consider affiliate marketing as your real business. Doing it for fun will only demotivate you to continue. If it was not for this phrase I accidentally read, I would have given up by now. Despite many failures, I continued and I am glad I did because I make money now.

An interesting fact I just read is In the year of 2005, it is estimated that affiliates earned over $7 billion in commissions. This is just incredible; I think my income will be included in this statistic this year.

There are three reasons why people want to earn money with affiliate marketing, the first is FREEDOM, second is FREEDOM, and so does the third, FREEDOM.

Some people want to have more time for their family by working at home. Some people want to enjoy their time travelling. Some people want to release themselves from their boring 9-5 day job. All of the reasons is represented by one word of Freedom.

I personally want to have a flexible time. Depressed after seeing my schedule will never be in my dictionary anymore.

I admit if you are learning this all by yourself. If you implement this without help from others, it would be very difficult. I am not implying that it is impossible. I have myself coached and try to call for support anytime I have problem. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for all level of affiliate marketers; beginner, advanced as well as expert.

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