Saturday, December 01, 2007

Affiliate Marketing - Earning Money With Affiliate Marketing

Let me share my experience with you. How I decided to pursue affiliate marketing because I believe earning money online is not achievable. I, however, was so naive to think that make money online was actually impossible for someone like me. I did not even know how to make a website. I am not a computer techie.

Miracle happened, I would say; after reading a confession that a housewife without any internet experience can earn money online at home. I had no reason to think I could not do that. Getting started was the hardest part. But I am glad I did try; now it does not seem so hard like I thought it was.

I was testing affiliate marketing for fun. I thought it would be good if it worked, if it did not work, I would not bother to continue considering I spent nothing to start but my time. Anyway, I learnt a lot as I go; one thing, which I think, is very important to tell you is that you have to consider affiliate marketing as your real business. Doing it for fun will only demotivate you to continue. If it was not for this phrase I accidentally read, I would have given up by now. Despite many failures, I continued and I am glad I did because I make money now.

An interesting fact I just read is In the year of 2005, it is estimated that affiliates earned over $7 billion in commissions. This is just incredible; I think my income will be included in this statistic this year.

There are three reasons why people want to earn money with affiliate marketing, the first is FREEDOM, second is FREEDOM, and so does the third, FREEDOM.

Some people want to have more time for their family by working at home. Some people want to enjoy their time travelling. Some people want to release themselves from their boring 9-5 day job. All of the reasons is represented by one word of Freedom.

I personally want to have a flexible time. Depressed after seeing my schedule will never be in my dictionary anymore.

I admit if you are learning this all by yourself. If you implement this without help from others, it would be very difficult. I am not implying that it is impossible. I have myself coached and try to call for support anytime I have problem. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for all level of affiliate marketers; beginner, advanced as well as expert.

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