Thursday, December 27, 2007

Affiliate Marketing, A Few Basic Bits And Pieces - SEO

I am sure you have heard of the term Search Engine Optimization. You probably know alot about it. Or perhaps like me you are learning lots of bits and pieces about it and gradually becoming the expert that will make you an internet marketing guru sometime in the near future I hope!

Search Engine Optimization is the method of making your website easily found by both search engines and search engine users. You might not realize that even though you are targeting people surfing the net out there hoping to get lots of visitors to your site, if your site cannot be found in the first place the visitors cant visit. It has been recognized for some time that the earlier a site appears in a list of search results the more visitors that site gets. Search engines will tend to list a site earlier in their list if they can find the site easily.

How can you make your site search engine friendly? Well it might help if you understand how search engines find sites in the first place. In summary search engines use sets of well defined instructions in the form of certain factors that they look for in a website.These instructions may also be called alogrithims. When a website contains many of these factors that fulfill the instructions the search engine has been given, the search engine will rank that website high in its list of websites.

So what are these factors? Experts use lots of factors and techniques to make a website search engine friendly but for our purposes we will stick to a simplified summary of them:

1. Write good content

2. Design a simple website

3. Use well written metatags

You don't always have to be an expert to include these factors on your website. You could get by quite well by sticking to a few rules:

Writing good content for your website:

Write content relevant to your targeted audience. Use words called keywords in the content. Keywords are words that people are likely to use when searching and surfing the net for your type of product or service or business. Put yourself in that person's place. What words would you type in if looking for a particular product? Use lists of keywords both in content and source code and include common misspellings of difficult words in the source code. Use keyword phrases rather than single keywords.

Search engines will look for these keywords and use them to both categorize and rank your site. When writing content for your site also use text that you have used in other tags like metatags and headings. Write content of at least 200 words per page.

When writing content for your site do also remember to include links from other sites to yours and blogger's links as well.

In the next bits and pieces article we shall look at Simple Web Design and Metatags as ways to make your website search engine friendly.

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