Friday, December 28, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

by Leanne King

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for people to start an internet marketing career.

There are three reasons why this is an effective internet marketing strategy:

1. The start up costs are very small. Affiliate marketing can even be carried out without a website. I personally like to have my own website but it is possible to test out affiliate marketing without having your own website. If you do want to have your own website you will have some expenses mainly a domain name and hosting.

2. You do not need to create a product. The owner of the product has already created the product for you and usually has created promotional material. The material that they will supply you with usually consists of banners, auto responder messages and forum signatures.

3. You get to keep the spare room or the attic. There will not be any clutter of stock in your attic or spare room waiting to be sold and shipped out. The owner of the product will deal with all the fulfilment of the orders for you. All you need to do is sell the product and cash the affiliate marketing commission cheques.

There are many affiliate programs available to choose from to start your online income. One way to find an appropriate program that you would like to promote is to go to your favourite search engine. Just type in the niche you are interested in and include the words affiliate program. Your search query would look something like this "pets + affiliate program". You will usually get a lot of search results and you can just visit the websites and analyse the affiliate programs available.

Once you have found a program that you are satisfied with you will usually need to apply to become an affiliate. Some programs require you to have a website which they must manually approve, others do not. Once accepted you will receive all the promotional materials that the owner has created together with your own unique affiliate identity.

The process of finding and signing up with programs is generally quick, easy and free but promoting the product can be difficult. Usually, the promotion is difficult because there is a lack of step by step guides to assist with this strategy. Most guides published to assist with this type of marketing strategy provide great information but lack detail. Luckily, for beginners many experienced internet marketers have compiled step by step guides to assist newbie marketers get their first affiliate marketing commission cheque.

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