Friday, December 28, 2007

How To Explode Your Affiliate Sales In 2008!

by John Navata

Affiliate marketing has been an incredible opportunity for people around the globe. While some affiliate marketers earn a few extra thousand dollars each month, others consistently bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. However, as more people have begun marketing affiliate products, the competition has soared. In 2007, there was a tidal wave of new marketers competing for a piece of the commission pie. In 2008, that competition is growing and becoming more savvy. This article describes what you need to do in 2008 to build your affiliate business and explode your sales.

Focus To Grow Your Affiliate Business More Quickly

One of the primary hurdles for those struggling to make significant money by promoting affiliate products is a lack of focus. Excited by opportunity and lured by the thought of huge commission checks, many affiliates spread themselves too thin. For example, affiliates who promote Clickbank products are greeted with tens of thousands of ebooks and software programs that promise huge commissions. Those who choose to promote tangible products such as golf clubs, treadmills and computers can find thousands of merchants and tens of thousands of products at Commission Junction.

As a result, most affiliates lose themselves in the opportunity. To truly grow your business, compete aggressively and dominate your market, you must learn to focus your efforts. Some high-volume affiliates promote only a few products to earn six-figure monthly commission checks. By focusing, you grow intimate with a market. You learn exactly what that market wants and needs. You learn how to communicate to that market to persuade them to buy. You learn how to promote effectively to that market. Focusing can grow your business more quickly than you can imagine.

Follow A Proven Leader To Leverage Affiliate Strategies

Try to identify a leading affiliate marketer that has proven to use strategies that drive significant revenue. Once you do, follow what that leader. Watch what that affiliate says. Read that leader's blog or newsletter. Watch for recommendations. If that leading affiliate recommends that you try a certain strategy to dramatically increase your commissions, implement that strategy.

By following a proven affiliate leader, you can learn effective techniques more quickly and leverage that leader's experience by implementing the same strategies. Most highly-successful affiliate marketers identified others who had achieved success. You should strive to do the same.

How It Pays Off In The End

The roads of the internet are filled with the remains of broken affiliates. Every day, affiliates spread themselves too thin and destroy their chances of learning how to effectively market products and services to a few markets. Other affiliates sit alone, happy to waste their time without guidance or direction. Small commission checks are the result.

Learn from their mistakes. If you can focus intimately on one or two markets, you will likely find it easy to dominate your competition. You can gain higher positions in the search engines. You can write ads that get more clicks than others. You can learn how to talk to your market so they buy exactly what you're promoting.

Find a leader who has shown an enormous level of savvy in affiliate marketing. Follow that leader's strategies and recommendations. By doing this, you can leverage their knowledge and skills to build and grow your affiliate marketing business more quickly than would otherwise be possible. In 2008, you may find yourself with huge commission checks and a group of people who want to follow your lead.

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