Friday, April 18, 2008

Affiliate Make Money Online Program For Kids, Teen, Mom & Dad

You must be worried sick your affiliate income opportunity is not making you enough money to become rich online. Ever stopped and wondered if you are marketing the wrong product? Have you ever wondered how to choose a good, marketable product online? Then you need to read about my experience.

I started internet marketing about a year ago and jumped in like everyone else. I didn't bother to study the products well before choosing. I had opened an account with click bank and just picked the product that had the most gravity. True, the product was very popular as it was leading in popularity gravity index. It was a definite seller. This was the TV online software that was the number one selling product on click bank for a long time. I think it still is.

What I forgot was that the most popular product also attracts the most competition. If you have had good sales with one product and then they nosedived, this is probably the reason. So many people join the band wagon that everybody ends up earning peanuts. If I knew better then, I would even be further from here.

My sales had plunged down a pit and I knew I had to look for a better product to market online, and very fast. My credit card was maxed, my wife was threatening to either leave me or have me committed. I knew one thing, I wasn't going back to that annoying, badly-paying, back-breaking, pressure-cooking 9 to 5 grind of a job. No way, never. Not to mention I never liked that know it all boss.

I didn't have any more money to buy more useless how-to eBooks, so I went to the best place I knew. The warrior forum is like a galaxy club of who is who on internet marketing. These guys might be condescending, arrogant; newbie hating rich people but they sure as ever know their stuff. You are talking guys with a net of a million dollars a year.

Here I observed, investigated and took notes for 2 weeks. Since I was on a hunting mission, my goals were sharp as a scalpel. I didn't have time for niceties. Get in, find what I came for, get out and make me some money.

I found several of these guys actually market the free websites giveaway online opportunities. If these guys are doing that, then my friend, there must be money here. And good cash at that. I'm talking about the kind of people who won't waste their time promoting anything that gives them less than $10,000 per month.

I can tell you now that I found out 2 main principles of online marketing to be true. Firstly, "Find out what the successful people do or sell to make their money, duplicate it and work it to a sweat". Secondly, "nothing sells better than free things online". Yes, you got that right. Free sells better. It's called the art of pre-selling and establishing a rapport with your market.

It's the same principle that applies to having a mailing list online. It's simple really; you gain trust and confidence in your clients to be able to sell them other products later.

Anyway, I joined one particular online business that offers optimized websites at no cost to the clients. These websites that you will give away will later be monetized when the client comes back for upgrades. Trust me as a passive and rolling income for your lifetime, its worth the time and effort.

Imagine this, everyone wants to start a business online and also that everyone wants something free. You now start to see that this online home business can quickly be built into a six figure digit income within a short time.

I have since accumulated a passive income that will continue to pay me $300 per website I give away for a lifetime. I have so far given away 250 websites and you can easily see how much I'm worth with only 3 months in this business.

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