Friday, April 18, 2008

Three Strategic Affiliate Marketing Tips

While the rewards of affiliate marketing can be many the pitfalls are just as numerous. Make no mistake about it most people are not going to make a dime marketing someone else's products or services. Many will give up after a few weeks or months never to return. Does this give you cause for concern and leave you feeling that the odds are stacked against you? Actually you should be feeling good about such a situation. Here's why. Everyday more products and services are being made available to the affiliate marketing community. The individual who understands correctly how to market these products and services will have no trouble becoming successful at earning some serious cash.

So what are the things you should be doing to increase your chances of success in the highly competitive field of affiliate marketing? And just as importantly what are the things to avoid?

First, choose the company and the product or service that you promote very carefully. Make sure the company you are dealing with is honest and will pay you the money you have worked so hard to earn. A beginning affiliate marketer should sign up with a company such as LinkSare, Commission Junction or ClickBank. These are all solid companies that have thousands of products available to promote. Signing up with a single company can be risky. There is always the chance they will not pay you what you are rightly owed.

Secondly a beginning marketer should concentrate on promoting a quality inexpensive product or service even though the commission will be smaller. It takes time and experience to sell the higher priced item. Realize that for a $25 product it will take on average 100 visitors to your site before you make a sale. Promoting a $100 product only increase the number of visitors needed before each sale is made. As you become more adept at marketing products and services price won't matter as much but in the beginning stick with promoting smaller ticket items.

The third thing a new affiliate marketer must determine is how to promote the products and services that they have chosen. If you have a web site up and running this is probably the best way to get started. The success of this approach depends heavily on how well established your web site is and how many visitors you receive each day. Write a review about the products or services you are promoting and sprinkle you link throughout the review. Here's a little secret, not all reviews need to be glowing reports. People appreciate an honest review and if a product in your opinion doesn't measure up let people know. Suggest an alternative product with your link included and you might just be surprised at how many sales you make. Other ways to promote are through email campaigns and classified ads. A word of caution. A simple web site that provides valuable information will work the best. There is no need to clutter up your web site with banners, popup and countless links.

Affiliate marketing can be a rewarding opportunity both professionally and personally but you must learn what works and follow the simple rules all successful marketers use. Hard work and persistence is required. The internet has opened up a new and lucrative way to earn a living. Make the most of it. offers weekly success strategies to get some cash into your pocket quickly while you build your affiliate marketing business. Sign up for a review of your website or blog.

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