Monday, February 15, 2010

Affiliate Marketing - Why Do I Need My Own Affiliate Website?

You are looking into affiliate marketing and you are told you need a website of your own. This doesn't seem to make sense. Is this extra expense just some scam to extract more money from you?

The answer is No. There are some excellent reasons to do this. Let's review the basics.

1. You set yourself up as an affiliate for a website that sells an ebook about widgets.

2. You get an affiliate link through, say, ClickBank. It probably looks something like yournickname dot widgetebooknickname dot hop dot ClickBank dot net, or some such.

3. You promote your link on the web, or via email and, when people click on it, they go directly to the ebook site about widgets. Then, if they order the ebook, your nickname is tagged to the sale so you get a commission.

Great - that works. So, what's the problem?

It's simply this: if you want to tell people about your opportunity, verbally or in writing, your link is too complex for anyone to remember. And, don't think that you can't get business from telling people about your link - you can! This is a huge area of promotional potential that is largely ignored. It can, however, be very profitable indeed. Think of drop-cards, business cards, small promotional signs, classified newspaper ads, etc, etc.

Just imagine saying to someone, "He Fred, I found something really good on widgets the other day. You can check is out at yournickname dot widgetebooknickname dot hop dot ClickBank dot net." Is Fred going to remember that? Probably not! He's more likely to look at you blankly with glazed eyes and change the subject.

So, the solution is to register a simple domain name with an inexpensive domain registrant (like GoDaddy). That costs around $10 a year. Note that you DO NOT have to build a website. You only need a domain name. And, pick a name that is easy to remember - something like WidgetHeaven or GetMoreWidgets. It must simply be easy to remember and have something to do with your chosen product. And, by the way, make sure you get a dot com site - avoid the dot net, dot org, etc.

Now the final trick to this is to forward your new domain name to your affiliate link. You do this via the domain name registrant site (GoDaddy, or whatever). With your easy-to-remember domain name forwarding to your hard-to-remember affiliate link, you have it made. Anyone who enters your new domain name into a web browser will go immediately to the website that sells the product you are promoting. They never see "your website", because it is forwarding directly to your affiliate link.

"Hey Fred, check out GetMoreWidgets dot com. They have some great stuff." See what I mean?

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